Voice Over by Shaquana Bell

African American female voice actor. Millennial with a warm, relatable, authoritative sound you can trust.

Voice Over Demos




Work with Shaquana and you will receive The Dimple Effect and more! Fast turnaround, professional audio quality, and files in your preferred format. Schedule a directed session or provide written direction for exactly what your project requires. She will always be available until project completion, respond in a timely manner and deliver audio Dimpled with Care.


Retakes (my mistakes) are included at no cost.

Revisions (changes made to the script after final files are delivered):

  • Minor Revisions (one or two words): $50
  • Major Revisions (more than two words): $100 minimum
  • Re-Reads (more than 30% of the original script): Original rate

Performance Retakes (self-directed sessions):

For self-directed sessions, two rounds of Performance Retakes are included at no cost. Please try to communicate any and all direction and/or change of direction at this time. After the two rounds of retakes, subsequent rounds are charged as Revisions.

When sending a request, please highlight the lines in the original script to be re-recorded. If possible, please send back audio of the lines that require a change so I can better match the tone and pace.

Please submit all change requests within 30 days of receiving the original recording. After 30 days, any and all change requests will be charged the original rates.

“I can’t say enough about Shaquana. She is always quick to respond, has an amazing voice and an absolute pleasure to work with. We have hired her again and again and she never disappoints!”

Lucas Shaw, Sr. Multimedia Production Analyst, Lockheed Martin


Send a message to chat about working together or ask any questions!


“I had the pleasure of working with Shaquana on a project for a large university client of mine. The videos we produced were to be played at a live event but due to COVID restrictions the timeline kept changing on us. Even though COVID turned the project timing on its head multiple times, Ms. Bell was a complete professional. She kept the line of communication open and always assured me that when we were ready to go she would be. When it was finally time to move forward she delivered the files in a timely manner and with the highest of quality. She even turned around the few pick ups we had in a day. I would highly recommend working with Shaquana and will do so in the future when the need arises. She really is a true professional.”

Michael Towe, Producer & Owner, M2 Video Productions


Send a message to chat about working together or ask any questions!

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